Meet Stephanie LeDonne, Founder of Essence Content

Stephanie LeDonne

Stephanie LeDonne is an expert in content marketing, search engine optimization, and digital marketing, which has led her to creating Essence Content, a company with the mission of helping spiritual women entrepreneurs fulfill their soul’s purpose and dream life through their business. 

Stephanie LeDonne started Essence Content in November of 2021, one month before she graduated from Northern Michigan University with a B.A. in Graduate Bound English and Minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies.  Before even graduating college, she had already accomplished so much.  

Stephanie has worked in education, since she was a mere 13 years old teaching piano, and later went to be a teacher’s assistant at a bilingual school as well as tutor reading and writing at the college level.  

In 2019 and second year  at NMU, she was honored with a position as the Coordinator of the Annual Gender Fair event, where her marketing career really started. She even moved the event to a completely virtual format in 2021!

In 2020, Stephanie lost her brother to an accidental opioid overdose, and it slowed down her path to graduating, but lead her to an amazing internship in 2021 at Adora Winquist (Now the Soul Institute for Quantum Living). 


Here she quickly became a marketing manager after her internship period was over. This manager opportunity lead Stephanie to starting her own marketing business, Essence Content.  

She has now found a way to bring her digital marketing, writing, and teaching talents together as a Spiritual Marketing Coach.  

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